Are you looking for Benedict Cumberbatch Just Pronounce It Tee?

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Are you looking for Benedict Cumberbatch Just Pronounce It Tee?

I don’t think he was drunk enough. Hahaha.  Johnny Depp was so uncomfortable that he thinks he will be the next victim to be played on. He definitely not impressive with Graham’s joke, luckily Benedict Cumberbatch was such a great Benedict Cumberbatch Just Pronounce It Tee he just went along with it. Love the way Benedict played along. Graham was so demanding. I don’t think Johnny knew what was going on. He wasn’t prepared for Graham’s antics. Lol.  Wouldnt it be lovely if The Graham Norton show said something about all the amazing artists his fandom has. Easy to mock.  I love this show and the guests all seem to enjoy themselves. That’s what makes it so good. And Graham of course. Wow Johnny looked very uncomfortable when that bear was brought out. I know he’s afraid of clowns..but not teddy bears, Johnny! I would have totally jumped on that bear too. Haha.

 Interviewer: *mentioned breast pumps*

Benedict: “hehe Zoe Saldana”

Interviewer: “Its chris Hemsworth”

Benedict: *nervously* REALLY?

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Zoe: bitch where you at?! Tomorrow’s clickbait: Tensions between avengers co-stars Cumberbatch and Evans? Read more to find out who avoids whom and why!  Babybottle Candycrush is one of THE SEXIEST men on the planet…and funniest…with a voice like butter, and an name easy to mess with! “If you’re not yelling at your kids then you’re not spending enough time with them”. Mark Ruffalo, Hollywood actor . I’m slowly falling deeper and deeper into the whole Benedict hype, but gaaaah his voice. I could listen to him all day ? but seriously, watch this video! ok 1. He is precious 2. His impression of Hiddleston is so cute and spot on and it makes me happy because they probably spend a lot of time together lol and 3. He’s so sweet for actually actively participating in these stupid games the interviewer suggests lol. Good Lord does Tom Hiddleston have a place in his small frame to eat all the food Benedict said? ? Love this man so much I swear. Oh, Benedict. I love you desperately, but you chose to snog Pratt and AVOID Evans? I have to admit I’m disappointed. ? Chris Evans is literal sunshine and he’s perfect. Benedict: I’d choose Hemsworth to marry because (in his mind: “He has a beard like my crush, Martin Freeman”)… Australia would be a nice place to live 😀
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Yeah, sure… I think Benedict’s character wasn’t up to expectations in the film. He seemed like a robot. He would’ve been better off playing a British Doctor Strange no matter how wrong it sounds. ko gid ya dason sin.o sabat sa “I was informed yesterday that there was a twitter account for my laugh.” Tom Hiddleston! Tom Hiddleston! Haha.  lmao at when they say if you’re not yelling at your kids you’re not spending enough time with them. —-Mark ruffalo. Emily haha. His impressions are spot on. And i can’t believe i got the answer to the shouting at your kids question before him…. Maybe I follow his fb account to much…. He was amazing in the recent limited show, Patrick Melrose. I had heard of him, but never saw anything he was in before. A truly Benedict Cumberbatch Just Pronounce It Tee!! The most talented cast in all of avengers casting couch… Hope dr.strange character land him some Oscar, if the role written to demand oscar worthy acting.

Are you looking for Benedict Cumberbatch Just Pronounce It Tee?
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