Are you looking for: Cleveland 2018 Rally Possum Hoodie?

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Are you looking for: Cleveland 2018 Rally Possum Hoodie?

People are very cruel in Cleveland at times. People dont bathe. Wash clothes. Clean apts. I think gum disease is really hurting people. The victim worked for me. She was a sweetheart. Always trying to help everyone. Please be respectful for a Cleveland 2018 Rally Possum Hoodie has lost the center of their world due to people being selfish. I pray for those she left behind especially her children and her husband. she was at her home. She didn’t do drugs or even drink. So you maybe mistaken. I think this girl was a relative of hers. where in the news article does it say it was a drug house? Someone on this feed said it was. Do you know her personally? but either way she wasn’t what you put her on to be she was in the middle of the street fighting . At 40 ? Smh sounds like a real sweet woman to me. actually the victim allowed the girl who hit her to live with her but had to throw her out because of the issues. April was calling and harassing her for over a week. If you show up at my house threatening me and my children I’m going outside too. I can only imagine how the altercation started but you don’t run someone over. Then you know the victim who was sooo excited about finally having a boy after having 3 girls will never get to see her 1 yr old son grow up. I’m a firm believer in when it’s your time to go it’s your time.


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Nothing you can do about it. She made a decision to go out and fight this girl which may or may not have been in her character. All I know is you need to be respectful. Plus if you know both of them and they are what you say they are what does that say about you! I was her boss. I knew her at work and she had a good heart! Hence the reason she died young. It’s her family I mourn for. I said I knew them we lived in the same city and April’s oldest daughter was my kids babysitter . I knew they where on drugs I only picked their daughter up helped her with her phone bill and a phone and extra cash to sit for me . Lmao and anyone that knew April knows she can’t fight to save her life . There is way more to the story cause if your outside trying to fight that person has plenty of time to move out the way. I know the suspect fairly well. Haven’t seen her in quite some time but their family is very dear to me. There have been a lot of Cleveland 2018 Rally Possum Hoodie as of late that they’ve been dealing with.

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Are you looking for: Cleveland 2018 Rally Possum Hoodie?
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