Are you looking for: I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Tee?

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Are you looking for: I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Tee?

Belongs to some rich rag head in the I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Tee. used by oil companies the power wagon was reproduced in this giant size. It can be entered by ladder from beneath. We had a TV show about it about 3 yrs ago in UK. I’m sure its a dumb thing to ask but here goes can you move that thing where you want to like a mobile and or a motor home or is it just a building in the shape of a truck ? when we were living in Dubai our Harley riding group made a ride to this place out in the Abu Dhabi desert and saw this truck. Yes ben, they had cooler toys. I found the rdmains of one in my back yard while digging to make a fishpond. It was labled “made by ben & sons” But, where would you need to build a tunnel that this could be used? Most tunnels go through things that you can’t just drive a truck into to build.

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Interesting concept though, and could be used to quickly build temporary shelters and the like. Okay well this is kinda like the Keystone process used by Romans… They made arches all the time and in the center of the arch is this stone (the keystone) that faced parallel to the ground. This kept pressure on both sides of thr arch so that they dont cave into themselves. They will find ways to waste the money. If they pissed away on the fires as aggressively as they piss away money, the fires would have been out days ago. I’m not a fan of California, People that are running it into the ground are pretty Detestable folks. But make sure the money gets into the right hands; And not their Crooked Government; nor the Liberal Elites. Not a big supporter, but you have done some good things…and I thank you…can’t for the life of me convince my friends that you have sent aid…if I do, they just change the subject to something else they don’t like about you…can’t seem to see any of the good…it is sad. You’re just a man…not God…but I think that even if you were, they would find fault. Peace. ‘All the way’. Huh, interesting – what was he earlier tweet? Something to do with withholding money to California, and blaming the cause on ‘bad forest management’ – even though there is no I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Tee involved? What happened between then and now? Just sending money doesn’t help because the state will misuse it. 

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Are you looking for: I’m A Hallmark Aholic Hallmark Tee?
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