Are you looking for: Manu Forever Tee?

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Are you looking for: Manu Forever Tee?

Then met the rest of the spurs and instantly became a fan of the unselfish play. They win the right way. Manu you will be missed but I wish you and your family all the best moving forward. Thank you for all the years of entertainment and being a great Manu Forever Tee. And as the video shows a great sense of humor and proof that pranks are awesome lol.  All the other around included the staffs behind celebrated that as if it was a 3points by Manu giving them a lead against LeBron back then in Miami.   The most exciting player EVER in the NBA & Loved not only by the beautiful people of San Antonio & Argentina but around the world deservingly so..God Bless Manu & his lovely family.. Please come back as a Coach for the Spurs… his humbleness outside his talent in basketball made him loved dearly by fans & not so fans around the world. the news clearly shows. Serbia also played a great game. It was a battle of giants at a time when Team USA could not beat the world anymore. Respect. Only reason USA couldn’t beat the world was cuz they didn’t send their top talent. Had the best of the nba played it would’ve been no contest but nothing would match the dream team.

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USA didn’t send their top talent? Dude, their roster consist of allen iverson, shawn marion, odom, richard jefferson, stephon marburry, dwayne wade, carmelo anthony, young lebron and even tim duncan. Tf are you talking about?  If he does I’d be nothing but happy for him!! He’s given so much to the game, Spurs and his fans❤ Thank u Manufor everything, we love u. Have fun with your family! He should stay for one more yr. So he can have the opportunity to play with the new players coming in. That way he has the chance to teach the new players their way of playing. Come onMANU.  Sorry but spurs only went down to a team who is needing to rebuild. Manu needs to enjoy his kids and family while their still young and him too. Sadly we are not in a hunt for a championship for years to come. N yes I love my Spurs just calling it how I see it. U wont see a player with such a unique set of skills, leadership and professionalism in a while. Hes a terrific person away from the court! My favorite Spur of all time! Hope it’s one more year but if not hes been special to watch! He IS the Spurs. His dedication through the years and willingness to do what it takes to make the Spurs Manu Forever Tee has been amazing. I wish him the best no matter what his decision is. But if he leaves, he will be missed.


Are you looking for: Manu Forever Tee?
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