Are you looking for Newseum You Are Very Fake News Tank Top?

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Are you looking for Newseum You Are Very Fake News Tank Top?

This is only good news for our British economy especially the seaside towns that have been so hard hit this last 20 years!!! We had a proper winter and balanced by a proper summer how I remember them as a child back in the 70s.
Would love to see the British seaside resorts flourish again instead of empty shops and struggling locals hurrah for fish and chip suppers on the sea front and icecream all round. Would be nice, but according to BBC weather it’s going back to normal next week, although they’ve said that before and the temperature rocketed after a Newseum You Are Very Fake News Shirt. On the BBC headlines they have just posed the question-‘what is behind this summers soaring temperatures?’ now I’m no expert but I’m putting it down to the weather. Yay! I hope so. Live for today, enjoy the moment and enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

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Before we know it, the dark and cold of Winter will be back. Brits are never happy and are always moaning about the weather! I’m a happy Brit that makes the most of it! Plus having lived in Asia, this has been nothing in comparison!  In Manchester this kind of weather is simply a miracle! After a long and interminable winter as the last one was I think we deserve this summer, I hope it lasts as long as possible. It’s good for vitamin C, for our moods, for our bones, for reumatis, for osteoporosis, for hanging out clothes instead of Inside. I can tell only vantages. As every lovely things it will end but not now. They need to make there mind up I heard last 2 days of this lovely weather then rain I don’t believe it till I see it on the day. I understand the use of hyperbole in this scenario, but “The Summer That Never Ends?” question was literally answered in the article title.
Summer ends in October, BBC. October. These sort of forecasts are to a certain extent guesswork. Who would have forecast that after the ‘Beast from the East’ we would have such a hot summer? I wish that they would not say these things as they could alarm a number of old people, who have difficulty in staying cool in the heat. Too many people complaining about the warm weather. Best it turns grey and overcast with hail, wind and storms…. so It sets the mood properly for Brexit.  Stop whinging you Poms!! So the mercury hits 30 degrees for the first time in almost a Newseum You Are Very Fake News Shirt!!!!
The poor farmers in Australia and especially WA are constantly trying to battle extreme temps and drought all year round.

Are you looking for Newseum You Are Very Fake News Tank Top?
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