Are you looking for: Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Deadpool Tee?

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Are you looking for: Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Deadpool Tee?

He was always the life and soul of the Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Deadpool Tee. The most confident and dependent man you could possibly know. It breaks my heart to see him the way he is now. Your song is beautiful and has brought quite a few tears to my eyes. How beautiful unless you have gone through this with someone you love you may not understand how hard it is to see someone slip away gradually into the oblivion that is Alzheimer’s she would be just so very proud of her son for raising awareness in such a fabulous way. What a beautiful heartrending song. I doubt anyone, who has seen a loved one’s blank stares in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s will be able to listen without crying. My Grandad and Uncle both had this cruel disease. Stay strong Jay Allen and keep making special memories like this with your beautiful Momma. Thank you for sharing and God bless you both. My mom is at the stage that she doesn’t recognize me but when I take her in my arms and give her kisses, I can still feel that somewhere in her heart, there is still a little part of her that is still there and knows who I am and it breaks my heart every time!! We have to be brave and love them till the end!! Thank you for sharing your song and your story! God bless you. 

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I lived through taking care of my Dad who had Alzheimer’s and now I’m living through being the caregiver to my Mom who was recently diagnosed with rapidly progressive frontotemporal dementia in the middle to early late stage. I’m a sobbing mess. This song went straight through my heart. My Mom passed away 1 year ago this past Saturday of Alzheimer’s and Dementia and I’ll never be the same. Watching her turn into someone that I didn’t know how to handle was just cruel for both of us. In the same year before she passed away, she lost her brother and sister to the same horrible fate. I pray every day that someone will come up with an answer for this horrible disease. It’s so very hard to watch the ones you love suffer like that. I sure don’t want to put my kids through the same thing. I’ve just lost my Mum. She suffered from Alzheimer’s for the last 6-7 years of her life. Everyone said losing her gradually would mean that when she died, the Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Deadpool Tee wouldn’t feel so great. They were wrong. Plus I also had some I caught at home in the cubby house.

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Are you looking for: Ryan Reynolds Pikachu Deadpool Tee?
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