Are you looking for: Same Crime Hoodie?

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Are you looking for: Same Crime Hoodie?

God Bless your work. My brother was the same age and name. This case brought my mother to her knees. It changed America. Mr. Walsh change America. Many kids were watched more closely after this tragedy. Unfortunately it will never stop. Parents nowadays are not the same as they were back then and what I mean by that is, they’re more educated but still stupid. I see too many little ones riding their Same Crime Hoodie by myself or walking by themselves. It’s still a scary world. So sorry for your brother. I see it all the time; ppl still leave children in the car and allow them to play outside unsupervised. It’s so dangerous and things happen too quick. It’s not worth it… Trena Patzer I was at the duck pond yesterday and there was a boy there without an adult. Every time I asked where mom or grandma was he would point to family van and said over there yet no adult could be seen. Smh. This is very heartbreaking I’m loss for words , this & many other tragedies have kept me on my toes when I’m w/ my little ones, all parents must be on alert at all times !  RIP Adam, John Walsh we thank you for all you have done.


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Really miss America’s most wanted. Don’t understand why they stopped doing it, it caught so many monsters. Still watch the hunt with John Walsh but it’s just not the same. Paula Hrncir Thomas Yes he is! The Justice Network. I love him, I like the network, and I love The Hunt! I have so much respect for John Walsh and what he has done in honor of his precious son, and all the other lost children. I remember watching the Movie about this. My Own 2 little boys were sitting next to me as I cried. Such a Tragedy. My Heart Goes out to any parent who has Lost a Child to an abduction because of a Pedophile. So Senseless. This Little Boy could Have grown up and went on to do Great Things with his life but Some Creep stole that opportunity. It Infuriates me that these Creeps continue to walk free. Prayers To All Parents who Have met with this awful Same Crime Hoodie. I was very young when the movie came out. I remember watching it with my mom like it was yesterday. I always saw John Walsh as the actor that played him. The story is so so sad and I’m truly impressed by all the work the Walsh family has done to help keep kids safe and find missing children.


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Are you looking for: Same Crime Hoodie?
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