Are you looking for Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee?

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Are you looking for Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee?

It’s an apocalypse… it effects the entire world so the ads do make sense, swing the hotel and freak show in post apocalyptic ruin makes sense to connect the whole world. It doesn’t mean it will have anything to do with those seasons. It’s the apocalypse so it’s showing all the previous settings being destroyed by it. There’s one with freak show being destroyed also.  Having connections to other seasons is what the whole series is about, it’s not the same as an actual cross over. It’s considered a Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee because the main story is extending upon MH and Coven and those characters will be main characters; doesn’t mean it can’t also have smaller connections and mentions of things from other seasons, as they’ve always done. Of all the seasons, Hotel is the one already most closely connected to both MH and Coven so of course it has a place on this story line somewhere… ok maybe they are just showing all the locations from the AHS seasons going through the “apocalypse”?

Meaning of Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee

Since it’s the world ending? I think that with them showing us these most recent photos of places that exist in other seasons, is just showing is that since this is the apocalypse or end of the world, that these places(the hotel, freak show, etc) are not exempt from the end of the world. Just as your local target wouldn’t be. I don’t think it’s anything more than that. I think the theme here might be: You can destroy structures ( the metaphor for the body), but you can’t destroy the human soul no matter what. This has been proven throughout the centuries, most notably in war & genocide, such as in World War 2, where Elsa Mars had her own personal hellish experience of body destruction: “You tried to kill my dreams, but they cannot be murdered” ~ Elsa Mars “Freak Show”. I shared an article earlier that said if you took just the Saban years we’d still rank 6. So only 5 teams in the looooong history of the AP era has more #1 rankings than 11 years for cns. THIS JUST IN. UCF makes claim it’s football team has more weeks as number one than Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee. And always will. No matter what. And so it should be shared … with them…. forever. Sure would like to see the stadium full, know it’s hot but it’s football! I appreciate the hard work of the players and coaches for competing for 60 minutes!!! Roll Tide. 

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Are you looking for Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee?
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