Are you looking of Official God Protect Robert Mueller Tee?

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Are you looking of Official God Protect Robert Mueller Tee?

I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to walk into the spiders lair. He either has something on you or he doesn’t. Don’t help him do his job or twist your words. If I had a traffic ticket (what a stupid analogy) there would be documented evidence I had, or had been accused of, doing something wrong. Given all the corruption that’s been proven to have been used against him during the past election cycle I AM more inclined to believe him. And so would any other person with a God Protect Robert Mueller Tee of objectivity if they were honest about it. Andrew Dagwell I wouldn’t want to be in Mueller’s place. His biggest task at hand is making his case so air tight and incontrovertible that y’all won’t string him up. That’s why they’re rushing him. The less time he has to sew his case up tight the looser it will be which will allow the base to object LOUDLY. They will anyway but Mueller has to convince Trump’s base, not just a grand jury and that ain’t gonna be easy! That’s why he’s taking his time and keeping his cards so close to his chest.

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Curtis Burroughs he hasn’t, mueller is known for sending innocent people to jail!!! Also see what happened to flynn, for a lie, or a lack or recollection, but hell Kiliary and crime cartel can blow up dc, and clean it up and lie about it and get immunity! So don’t play that bs. The fact that he’s tasked with looking for Russian collusion and has yet to cast a sideways glance at Hillary or her cadre says volumes. This is a targeted persecution.  Rudy Ball pressing for what? a magical story, to set his soul free? to justifiy all this bs while willfully overlooking the fact that dnc and kiliary PAID for a FAKE dossier? And spied on a US citizen, who served, and also was debriefed by the fbi each time he had a meeting and there were russians present? The stories go on and on….but we are focused on russia russia russia!!! What about china? North Korea….it in nothing short of a God Protect Robert Mueller Tee, and media lynching day in and out. TIME TO STOP.

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Manafort was cleared of the same charges by Rod Rosenstein 8 years ago….Please explain again, how Russia did what? to who? When? how? They have been interfering for decades…..nothing then? How about the fbi, cia, nsa, doj, etc…covering for kils and proved in their own words? Cant dispute that!!! There is so much corruption its scary!

Are you looking of Official God Protect Robert Mueller Tee?
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