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Official Rick and Morty adidas shirt

May Allah swt widen and illuminate his grave, grant him goodness and success in the Official Rick and Morty adidas shirt , enable him to receive his book of deeds in his right hand on the day of judgement and grant him the highest levels of paradise and May he also be reunited with all of [...]

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Official Rick and morty supreme hoodie and t shirt

Because we didn’t know the Emperor’s backstory in the original trilogy, we should roll over and accept Snoke is just a mystery with no development arc? Does he realise how daft that sounds?Snoke literally has the same amount of backstory and explanation that the Emperor/Palpatine had in the original trilogy. Star Wars fans are a little [...]

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Review Scary Terry Celtics Sweater

Get some people who actually know what they are doing to fix it. GARBAGE. So if the cavs win it's only cause of the refs, not fact they have the best player in the league on the team?  ? you guys kill me with this nonsense. And if Gabon says he is the king and best [...]

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Review Fortnite Nike Hoodie

Wait i don't think you can cause you don't know me at all. Oh look someone who thinks he’s special because he has a different opinion that the masses. Get over yourself. Robert Coss that’s great I’m 24 years old and don’t find this game appealing at all. Rather play a mmo or an rpg [...]

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Review Fortnite Just Play It Sweater

For real though, there are other games. Im so terrible at this game it hurts  ?! Slagged it off big time.... then i played it an iv been on it everyday even though i suck  ? need skills or a good players be with haha. Same thing happened to me we both landed, danced the friendship [...]

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Review Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn Sweater

Its about time, they look like a bunch of rookies playing today they betetr get better or this might be the last win for 4 or 5 games. It's another anomaly. Let's see them win the next 10 games straight. They won, but they still play poorly. David, I'm so glad to meet a tarheel [...]

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House Deadpool We Are Touching Our Selves Every Night Long Sleeve T shirt

Deadpools humour is just an r rated knock off of spider-mans. a bit like people who compare family guy with the simpsons. Well... Seeing the direction this conversation is going, I'll just state the obvious before turning off notifications: Fanboys ruin everything. I really like Deadpool because I think his humor is easy to get. [...]

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Thanos Salt Bae Sweater

A little bit of Mexican history goes a long way as well as any history for that Thanos Salt Bae shirt. What is with all the racist comments? I know many Mexicans that celebrate this day. Not just whites. We ate at a Mexican restaurant that gave 15% discount today and free drinks. Today's culture/generation [...]

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May The Force Be With You Math Science Tee

I hope God will didn’t get him for more than 10 bucks on this. It appears to be a replica. This is a common theme for this May The Force Be With You Math Science Shirt. What the Celtics are doing is unbelievable they're banged up they took out the Bucks they came back from [...]

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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Tank Top

It's easy to show your support here. But not one person here would like to be in the dead half. Destroy half the universe as long as im in the half that survives. Except if you are omnipotent you can just double the available resources. If you have the largest army/workforce in the universe, making [...]

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