Black Panda Shirt

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Black Panda Shirt

If you like Panda and want to protect them, let show your love through this Black Panda Shirt. Let’s grab it at right now.

No. No No No get them out of here. My Jesus is kind loving merciful he would not hurt know one. Muslims should of learned how to enjoy life when they were here. Life is good have fun. Tennis football baseball surfing snowboard ing once it is all gone there will be none of this better have fun.  Time to send them home where they can hurt themselves and not us get out. No you cant come here we love our country you dont and to the ones that are here your time here will be short lived.  Before any refugee/immigrant is settled in the US,they go through 4 interviews over an 18-24 month period. Our procedure is not like Greece.  Seriously this country is based off immigrants it’s so hypocritical to be this way : Not like America starting out upright , honest or peaceful seriously they need to stop , what is meant is going to happen.  It truly is sad for the hundreds of families made homeless by the radical murderous Islamic cult of evil doers. Innocent people are made refugees ,and then made to be looked on as murderers, when the evil mongers pretend to be one of them.

Black Panda Shirt

You can hit the Train Malik- This is America not Africa where you get Privileges just for bearing same last name as the President- I believe President Obama ignored your Stupid self and no special treatment for ur disgruntled ***hole-
Trump will make sure your citizenship and religious background is reviewed thoroughly- ur stupid ass will be shipped back to Kenya- but Well Lucky you.

So the Democrats set their own convention on fire and its only the first day holi crap you can’t make this stuff up folks. bout time Bernies peeps got to see the real DNC and Billary in action what political debauchery this is in deed.! no God, no scruples and no good ending, the fix was in and now they are in a fix.! a rigged system I can’t remember who said this recently but I bet they are saying tonight …I hate to say I told you so but…the damage control from the left is going to play like a skit off of Saturday Night Live… get the freaking popcorn and watch this sad sad rerun play out .. TrumpZilla sit back relax and enjoy. Bernies peeps we have been welcoming you with open arms all along especially now you need a safe haven from the “KKK REICH Billarys ticket” they will do nothing for you but will in fact do everything to you stay safe and consider sending a clear message to Billarys camp come Nov…OUR AMERICAN SPRING REALIZED TRUMP2016..!!Just because this raggedy wig wearing mutha fucka and the fucked up media says this brother is President Obama’s brother doesn’t mean that’s true. The media tell a mutha fuckin lie every minute.Malik Obama is the ‘half-brother’ of President Barack Obama. He said in a new interview this weekend with the New York Post that he plans on voting for Donald Trump, even though he still lives in Kenya. New sources say Malik has made money in making these remarks/accusations. He’s not his real brother.. So Trump will dig to the bottom of the barrel in desperation to make you believe as he tried awhile ago, asking from Obama’s birth certificate proof. Why is this crap necessary, as President Obama will be soon done his 2 terms. How benign can this garbage be?

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Black Panda Shirt
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