May The Force Be With You Math Science Tee

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May The Force Be With You Math Science Tee

I hope God will didn’t get him for more than 10 bucks on this. It appears to be a replica. This is a common theme for this May The Force Be With You Math Science Shirt. What the Celtics are doing is unbelievable they’re banged up they took out the Bucks they came back from being down 20 plus and are up 2 games to the 76 ers. Brad Stevens has been a great coach from day one to do what hes done with that team is incredible. Donavin Mitchell went on road against Houston top 3 team in nba 14 point underdogs and won ! Ben Simmons went to Boston -2 superstars and is down 0-2 in series ! Donavin rookie of the year! Rozier is a stud. I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid wants to go somewhere else to be a star when his contract is up. He can stay in Boston and be a star. Kyrie is going to demand a trade when he feels that Rozier, Brown, Heyward, AND Tatum are holding him down. If he couldn’t stand sharing the spotlight with just LeBron, imagine how butthurt he’ll be sharing it with all of these guys AND a superstar coach. Was this one of the plays where he held the ball with two hands while taking 6 steps? Because that was about every other play. I bet somehow Danny Ainge will end up with Brooklyn or Phoenix’s next 10 first round picks for May The Force Be With You Math Science Shirt this offseason. As a Lakers fan I can’t even hate what this Celtics team is doing without Kyrie and Gordon. Great team ball. Ben Simmons is trash coz he can’t shoot .. how can a team win when their starting PG scores 1 point? This celtics team will be devastating next year..The whole NBA take notice ! GO CELTICS. What happened with the ROY SHOCKED again ?? 1  ? point ??? Keep saying That kid is way overrated !!! STOP ! Most people picked Boston to not have a chance against the Sixers. Don’t change up now. Steve a smith whats happening too philly big mouth i like people watch you i cant words that are coming out mouth it makes me sick like your friends i want piece of you. Well it looks like it’ll be the Celtics LeBron beats in the Eastern conference finals this year.  Is that ROY including performances in Playoffs ??? If it does… then Lonzo sucks for decades… Kyrie who? Looks like a trade asset to me these days especially with bad legs.

May The Force Be With You Math Science Shirt

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You’ll know when a relationship is right for you. It will enhance your life, not complicate your life. The refs worked so hard to give the game to the Sucksers but something they don’t know defense beat offense any day…  I was so frustrated man they took Baynes out of the game along with Marcus Smart on bogus call and let the weak sh**t process travel his way to two dunks. It was too obvious and disgraceful. Yeah bad. Should have been foul on celtics before ball was inbounded at end of 4th. Agreed refs have to be either fair on both sides or equally unfair on both if They make a bad call early on…. they need to own their mistakes. Neil Canterbury…Just after the inbound…. I think the Celts were over the limit, but refs don’t like calling those last second calls unless there is serious blood…. If the refs did make that call on Rozier, it was before the shot…. That might have meant no over time, Two shots from the foul line would have been needed to go to overtime, so it worked out for Philly at that time… Bro faaaaaaaacts they gave philly all them calls and we barely got some I was like aight bet and just prayed lol  ? but we got the dub that’s what matters . I’ve said this before and il say it again. Terry is such an unselfish player. He could have slammed that ball in and potentially draw a fouls but he played it safe and passed that cool T Shirt to Brown.
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May The Force Be With You Math Science Tee
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