Official Dogs Dream Catcher shirt

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Official Dogs Dream Catcher shirt

Yasmin Smith don’t you think we can decide for ourselves? I mean if I want to be a sugar junkie and I pay taxes why not? If I want to be a marijuana abuser and I pay taxes why not? If I want to drink a lot of alcohol and I don’t break any laws and, again, I pay my taxes to fund my own NHS bill later in my life why not? I can decide what to do with my life, I don’t need the government to tell me what is good or what is bad for me. If there were no taxes to pay, I would simply save some money to fund my medical bill later when I’m old and dying because of inappropriate cannabis use or because I ate 2 cinnamon buns every morning. But since we all pay taxes we can all do whatever we want to ourselves and the Official Dogs Dream Catcher shirt. If we need to pay more to give more money to the NHS then let’s raise taxes a little bit, or add taxes to all harmful foods and alcohol. Legalize cannabis and put huge taxes on it – just don’t restrict people’s choices. It’s really worrying when people say “We cannot be trusted with anything pleasurable”, I hope you or people who think the same way never get into the parliament to make any decisions (no offence).

Dogs Dream Catcher shirt

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Official Dogs Dream Catcher shirt
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