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Review Fortnite Nike Hoodie

Wait i don’t think you can cause you don’t know me at all. Oh look someone who thinks he’s special because he has a different opinion that the masses. Get over yourself. Robert Coss that’s great I’m 24 years old and don’t find this game appealing at all. Rather play a mmo or an rpg that doesn’t look like Minecraft. Will this come to save the world also for those players that don’t like battle royal, like a new hero possibly? Anthony Sadly… it probably won’t. It’s designed for these sheeps who will use their last Mc Donalds money to get these skins so they can feel superior compared to others while their internet ego also grows.  Mario Cannon Nah It’s not, and wont be. When the Br dies during this year, STW will use that good budget ya’ll gave Thanks to that btw.  Playing battle royale makes you a man? Then why are there squeekers and autistic people Devon playing it lmao. So I didn’t care to watch infinity war cause I hate traditional super hero movies and i classified this as one of them. Would thanos be classified as an anti hero? Cause from what I know he was wiping the population for a reason.  Oh boi a hipster that’s asking questions about a movie because he’s to hipster to just go and watch it. Oh boy not everyone can afford to drop money on a movie I might not even like.  In the movie, they made him seem like an anti hero, but actually in the comics, the reason he does this is to please the character called Death (who he loves), not for a reason such as maintaining balance! He’s a selfish bad guy actually, that didn’t do what he did for the sake of the world, but for himself. And also in the comics, there has been an interesting relationship between Death and Deadpool (that’s a real funny relationship). Might want to check that out! He is not an anti hero even in this.

He gets a glove of pretty much infinite power.

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He wants to wipe out half of all life because the resources in the universe are finite.Fortnite Nike Shirt

If the dude just made a planet with infinite resources he wouldn’t need to try and nuke half of all life lol.  Can’t afford to drop $5-$10 on a movie……..
Bruh get off Facebook and go rummage through trash cans for bottles if you that broke. Because only those that serve in the military can afford to see a movie. Even though a lot of places give you a ticket with popcorn and soda for 10 bucks.  Where are you fucking going to the movies where you get popcorn soda and a ticket for 10 bucks? Its 13$ just for the fucking ticket. Brandon Thompson I’m still trying to understand how you classify something without even actually watching it? How often do you let other people’s opinions control your life?  I asked a simple question to see what other people think and apparently its controlling my life? Ok edgy gonzalez, you do you Y’all are forgetting that on top of the 10 or so dollars he needs to drop to go watch infinity war the movie assumes you watched the other 20 or however many marvel movies there are, all focusing on the individual heroes, plus the previous two avengers movies. So in actuality times a factor too, if you didn’t watch every movie as it came out not everyone can just sit there and watch every marvel movie since captain America.  Lmao these infinity war fanbois. The comics did it better and the movie didnt do it justice. You casuals just enjoyed it since its the only thing showing roflmao. And whats with the unecessary amount of comedy in the film? Didnt know i was watching Incredibles lel.  Lol thanos is the best villain in a long time you will love him I agree movie tickets are 7 dollars here 13 for popcorn and drink. I dont agree with your comments about military people they are not the only people who can afford tickets. Honestly I think you are just a troll asking for spoilers. Infinity war is one of the best movies since 2010 by far imo. I’m not the viggest marvel fan either but infinity wars was totally new and exciting. I mean if he wasn’t broke to the point that he can’t afford 1 movie as they came out he should probably stay off Facebook and start digging through that trash for some bottles/cans, or get a job.
Or just go watch DC if you like trash.

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Review Fortnite Nike Hoodie
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