Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Tank Top

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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Tank Top

It’s easy to show your support here.
But not one person here would like to be in the dead half.
Destroy half the universe as long as im in the half that survives. Except if you are omnipotent you can just double the available resources. If you have the largest army/workforce in the universe, making Niven rings for everyone to live and work, and grow food on is Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt. His heart was in the right place, but his execution was that of a chimp with trisomy 21. Hahahaha Bennett! And if elected, I will implement a system to eradicate at least 50% of you! This planet’s resources cannot be consu- LET ME FINISH!! What do we humans do when an animal species gets out of control? We introduce measures to cull it to protect the environment. The premise of the last Da Vinci Code film ‘Inferno’ is the same. There is a twisted logic to this train of thought. Mathematically it is right but morally it is wrong, he could have made an infinite source of food or resources with the stones but instead chose funny shirts. They’re called “infinity” so who’s to say they couldn’t do that. This is why thanos was so good in the movie he was portrayed with just enough empathy to make you care about him which I didn’t expect. He was brilliant. It was a bit of a watchmen copy the old “ kill loads to save more” method. But the is if he’s so powerful with all stones he could just double the food source instead of halting the population over the universe. So he’s a tyrant showing his power. Of course they do, they’re communists.

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Communism has a similar result (half of all life dies), but instead of it coming from the IG, it’s just from govt coercion, disease, and food shortages. It truly is a communists dream! Also, the movie would have been far better if they stuck with Thanos tryin to holla at Death by killing half the universe. Nathan Smith Matthew Brady dan brown wrote a novel entitled Inferno with the antihero signalling the same ideology.Thanos in my opinion isn’t evil at all.  Ellie Purvis I thought this when we watched it. He’s not your typical evil villain is he, he shows emotion for what he’s doing and believes he is right.  I mean his motives are a prime example of where people need to consider their own morality, from a desperate and efficiency standpoint he’s objectively correct, but that never makes it morally ok or necessary in the MCU. That was the hardest part for me, trying to hate him and think he’s evil but at the same time realising his logic was sound and you could see where he was coming from, damn it with these villains and making people question their morals.  I love that the movie brings up this question. The avengers have killed thousands (whether accidentally or not) for the greater good. What’s different with thanos doing it. His way works and he’s been obvious and open about the whole thing. As he said to Gamora, she lost her family and a lots of people but at the time she grew up her home was a peacefull balanced place as it should be. In my opinion he is the best super villain with a real purpose, not to destroy but spare worlds from extinction!  People are ignoring what he told Gamorrah, he already had the proof he needed that doing this had worked when he killed half her planet. So wether you agree with it or not in this story his theory was proven which gave him the required resolve to get the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Shirt and do it in the least painful way to everyone. His methods were obviously questionable, but his intentions are pure.

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Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Tank Top
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