Why should you grab this: Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate TShirt?

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Why should you grab this: Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate TShirt?

It makes them less of a risk to produce because even if the general Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate TShirt aren’t interested there are viewers who are already planning to watch it. That plus the fact the reception for this movie has already been hyped up, I suspect the box office will do fine and I think enough of the general public will see it because of sheer curiosity, the marvel movie bandwagon, or because of Tom Hardy. If Tom Holland is in it and they link it to the MCU then ok that’s a step in the right direction…It may do ok in the Box office but Sony always expects their Marvel properties to really well .  It would be nice to see some kind of cameo but for me the priority of the film is to restore credibility to the character after Spider-Man 3. To be honest I don’t want Spiderman in this movie, I want people to learn about venom and Eddie Brock, get more in depth with their story and also the venom verse. I want everyone to see carnage on the big screen, then later on bring spider man into it.

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Remember MCU Peter Parker is still in high school, in a few years he will graduate. Eddie Brock I assume is a reporter for the daily bugle in this films, maybe once Peter Parker graduates, he gets a job at the daily bugle and this is where he meets Eddie Brock. So this film is going to be part of Sony’s own Marvel universe that will be part of Spiderman Homecoming’s world and not part of the Marvel Universe (the one that Disney owns)? Glad it’s doing well despite what critics have said. It’s a good movie. Is it the best thing ever? Hell no. But it’s far from the waste of time people make it out to be. Honestly I think this looks awesome. I have been waiting for a venom on the big screen since I was 6 years old and started watching Spiderman on TV. With the exception of Spiderman 3 this is the venom I have been waiting all this time for and it looks absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to see this movie. Tom Hardy is a great actor! And I love alot of his roles I’m so glad he is playing my favourite marvel villan. Lame. The Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate TShirt needs to go thru Parker first so that when Eddie gets it they both go after Spider-man. Sony had a chance to really build this up into its own spidey cinematic universe.

Why should you grab this: Pittsburgh Stronger Than Hate TShirt?
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